Paving, retaining walls, garden beds, lawns, stormwater, fencing…

Huon Landscaping can help you with all kinds of backyard jobs, even on sites with difficult access:

  • new paving and repairs to existing paving
  • gravel pathways, driveways and edging
  • small concrete areas and repairs to existing concrete paths and stairs
  • retaining walls, blocks and sleepers
  • raised garden and vegie beds
  • rock and bark mulch installation
  • stormwater pits and drainage establishment and improvement
  • domestic fencing
  • gravel driveway repairs, pothole repairs, etc.
  • lawn establishment, from seed or turf.

Small steps or backyard blitz?

Backyard small steps, rather than backyard blitz – that’s Simon’s recommendation. The complete transformations you see on TV show makeovers have materials budgets in the thousands, and that’s without the labour costs added on. Simon specialises in smaller projects aimed at minimising costs and maximising results. He achieves this by:

  • working to bring the design you already have in your mind’s eye to fruition; detailed and expensive plans are probably not required
  • providing guidance and expertise to direct you on what you can do yourself, to reduce labour costs (and there’s a great sense of pride in seeing a finished project that you’ve worked hard to complete)
  • breaking larger projects into smaller steps, each of which gives a tangible result. This allows you to budget in line with your cash flow, rather than taking a big hit all at once, while still adding noticeable benefits to your outdoor lifestyle.

Having said all that, Simon can certainly tackle a backyard blitz if that’s your preference – he’ll transform your mud puddle into a paved and landscaped BBQ area with no problems.

Please get in touch to arrange a time to meet with Simon and discuss your ideas, to enable him to give you a free quote.