Scrub clearing service – firebreaks, forestry mulching, line clearing

Simon’s large rubber-tracked skid-steer, coupled with a forestry-grade mulching attachment, enables him to completely mulch smaller scrub – wattles, gorse etc. – into the surface soil. Applications include:

  • Firebreak creation and maintenance – with the Bureau of Meteorology warning of bushfire risks in what looks like being the hottest year on record, don’t think “if”, think “when”!
  • Easement creation and maintenance
  • Clearing fence lines and under power lines
  • Establishing open areas for grass under canopies
  • Invasive weed control – as part of a broader management plan, the mulcher can get you to first base with an otherwise impenetrable stand of woody species.

Larger regrowth trees (to about the thickness of your arm) can also be mulched but may leave more shredded mulch residue behind. This can be left to break down naturally or collected, windrowed, and/or burnt in a controlled manner.

As an alternative to non-mulching “slash and burn” approaches, mulching avoids the following disadvantages of a wholesale burnoff:

  • Wholesale burnoffs can be difficult to control as a safe burn; for a lot of the year it’s either too wet or too dry, which means you may not be able to burn safely, you’ll need a permit, or you can’t legally burn at all.
  • Burning generates a lot of smoke which can be a hazard in itself. The carbon released into the atmosphere by burning would be much better put back into the soil by mulching.
  • Burning completely “sterilises” an area. It will usually kill the canopy tree leaves and leave trunks charred and blackened. For many years any person, pet or stock that contacts the charred trucks will get covered in black soot. Using a chainsaw on any burn-damaged timber is very difficult and blunts the chain teeth very quickly. Scorched timber also makes lousy firewood as it will leave a black soot trail all the way to your wood stove.

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